KitchenFit is a small business that specialise solely in kitchen installations.
I understand how important an investment a new kitchen is, and I will not disappoint you.
You will be left with a beautiful kitchen and the knowledge that old-fashioned standards and quality of
workmanship have not gone forever.

And When I install your kitchen I’ll promise you three things:

·   All my workmanship will be guaranteed for 2 years.
·   I only work for one client at a time, so your kitchen will receive 100% of my attention until the job is complete.
    This, results in a higher quality installation completed quickly and efficiently
·  I will install your kitchen to the highest standards and leave it with a showroom-quality finish.
As a Kitchen fitter i have over the past 18 years worked for many kitchen companys, some of the big high street  stores and also small independent outlets, Because of this i have installed nearly every brand of kitchen, so as you can imagine i know my way around, and know the good from the bad! This might not be just be about the quality of the kitchen, but also about the customer service and aftercare.
I provide a totally personal service from design to completion.
working together, we will  find the best solution from design to style of kitchen that best suits your needs

Why choose KitchenFit?
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